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Totem Animals


This series of classes will explore the Earth and Her Cycles beginning with Totem, or Spirit, Animals with a different class each month. In this class we will study the great gifts our Spirit Animals bring into our lives and how to communicate and honor them.

We will journey to discover and communicate with our own Totem. I have been gifted with a very special journey guide who meets us in the underworld. We will discuss methods of using the energy of our Spirit Animals to heal ourselves, make decisions, and move forward on our soul paths.

Other topics we will explore include:
• A Journey to the Underworld with “The Guide”
• Dream Time and Dream Spirits
Plant and Tree Spirits
• Nature Spirits and Faery
• Medicine Walk to Lake Hodges
• Divination and Sacred Sight
• Sacred Space
• Astrology and Moon Cycles
• The Wheel of the Year
• Discovering our Spiritual Names through and Dedication to Earth Healing through ceremony.

We will be creating:
• Personal altars
• Medicine Bags
• Dream Journals
• Faery Dream Bag
• And more….

Each class is $35

Sunday, January 19 @ 12 Noon, RTW Annex. Pay here. Non-refundable.

All events at Return to Wholeness, LLC, 13514 Pomerado Road, Poway, unless otherwise indicated. 




Reiki for Kids


This is a basic Reiki 1 class geared for children ages 5-10/12. Children take to Reiki easily and it gives them a skill they can use when they are hurt, stressed or ill. It will be geared to a child's level so that they can easily understand what Reiki is and how to use it. This class will include attunement, handout, practice and activity, along with a certificate. Must be accompanied by parent. $45.

Sunday, January 26 at 12 Noon.  Return to Wholeness Annex. Pay Here

Tarot for Transformation


We discovered so much, and went so deep last time we did this class, it’s been requested again. So here it is...

Tarot is a wonderful divination tool, but did you know it can also be used for personal growth, shadow work and transformation? Discover how in this new class. Bring a journal, pen and your favorite Tarot deck and prepare to go deep!

This is an experiential class and you will receive a reading from everyone, including Georgia. We will confront our shadows and work to remove these blocks from our lives.

You should have a good, basic knowledge of the Tarot to take this class.

Saturday, February 1 @ 1 PM. RTW Unique Boutique. Tickets, $45. Keeping this class small, so please purchase your ticket as soon as possible. Pay  HERE

Sacred Space


This is the second class in the Earth Cycles series where we will discuss Sacred Space. This will include sacred places on the planet and medicine wheels as well as creating and utilizing your own private personal altar or medicine wheel for meditation and growth.

Photo is of 300-800 year old Native American Medicine Wheel in Wyoming.

Cost, $35 prepaid.

Sunday February 9 2020 @ 12 Noon, Return to Wholeness Annex. Pay Here













Spirits Night Out Spring Fling

The Halloween Spirits Night Out was incredible and some really amazing stuff happened!

Join us for the Spirits Night Out Spring Fling with Lady Brenda and Georgia. Experience an unforgettable Spirit Circle on the day of the Spring Equinox when the veils between the worlds are thin and the spirits of our dear departed come through to speak to us again.

The Spirit Circle will be led by Psychic Medium Lady Brenda who will impart messages from the other side. Everyone will get a message!

Bring a dish to share and a picture of a deceased loved one or ancestor for the spirit altar (optional). Bring your own beverage (no alcohol).

$25 per person at the link below under "Events.". Your ticket must be purchased prior to the event to hold your spot. NO REFUNDS as these events sell out. Replying "interested" will not hold your spot.

Cost, $25 Prepaid

Friday, March 20, RTW Annex @ 6:30 PM Pay HERE. 



Intuitive Mediumship

Lady Brenda and Georgia present this premier 4 hour class on Intuitive Mediumship. Share your experiences, learn the techniques of mediumship and psychic development. Topics covered will include psychic protection, types of psychic abilities and mediumship, tools of the trade, preparation, automatic writing, exorcisms, entities, house clearing, psychic dreams, psychic development, the Clairs, meditation, protection and various ways to invite and communicate with the spirit realm.

4 hours, $75 if prepaid by 4/15/2020 . $80 at the door.

Sunday, April 26 at 12 Noon, RTW Annex.

Pay Here