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unless otherwise indicated. 

Classes and events are NON-REFUNDABLE but some

may be applied to future events. 


I will email Zoom Instructions to all paid participants 1/2 hour before class.



Online Reiki Circle

Join us for our monthly online Reiki Circle.  Includes a healing meditation, group healing, distance healing and some great spiritual community!  Free.

Online until further notice. Zoom conference.  Instructions will be posted on my Facebook page 15 minutes prior to Circle. 

October 10 @ Noon. 





Put the magic back in your life!

Spell work is a magical art. And like all forms of art is follows universal laws. Laws of the earth and the universe in which we live. Magic is all around us and is a gift that we can all access to better our lives. Join us for this very special three part series taught by High Priestess Lady Brenda and Rev. Georgia Vlahos. Included in the classes will be:

Part 1


Working with the Moon


Part 2
Magical Crystals

Love & Attraction spells, money, health

Herbal, Oils

Part 3
Candle burning rituals

Tarot, Deities & Spirits



There will be an opportunity to create and use your own spell for personal manifestation. You will receive feedback. Completing this will result in a Certificate. There will be a  Zoom meeting for this purpose.  Cost will be an additional $25. This is optional.

Online via Zoom conference.  Details will be emailed 15 minutes prior to class to paid participants. 

Part 2 September 20 @ Noon. 

Journey to the Upper World


In this Earth Cycles workshop, we will explore Shamanic Journey, or the path of direct revelation to connect with nature, totem animals and the elements. We will conclude with an actual shamanic journey to the upper world. 


This will be a Zoom conference. Zoom instructions will be sent via email to all paying participants 1/2 hour before class.

Sunday, October 18 @ 12 Noon, $35 Pay HERE

Chakra Therapist Certification


Are your Chakras unbalanced? Are you fearful of change? Give your love too easily and get your heart broken? Need to open your heart? Fearful of rejection? Wracked with guilt? Learn how imbalances in your Chakras can affect your life, physically, emotionally and spiritually and how these imbalances eventually manifest as disease.

What is the purpose of a Chakra Therapy workshop?

1. To understand the fundamentals of the human Chakra system and utilize that knowledge in our Reiki healing practice.
2. To identify energy blockages, thought patterns and belief systems that challenge our physical, mental and spiritual health.
3. To learn meditations, journaling, physical exercises and energy healings that can facilitate our healing and growth.
5. Finally, to get on the road to integration of body, mind, spirit and universe and increase our ability to function effectively on this planet and to give service to our fellow human beings.

True health comes from having a balanced Chakra system. Effectively, this calls on us to be able to walk effectively in both the spiritual world and the physical world.

This will include Chakras 1-7, plus the Earth Star Chakra and the Soul Star Chakra.

Here is the schedule: Intro plus Chakra 1, Chakra 2, Chakra 3, Chakra 4, Chakra 5, Chakra 6, Chakra 7 and Soul Star and Earth Star. Each will be a separate class weekly. Pay as you go along for $35, each class, or you can prepay for the entire series, $250.

Includes handouts and certification for a Chakra Therapist upon completion. 

Chakra 1, September 13 and September 15 @ 12 Noon.  $35 each class or $250 for the series (save $30 with prepay).  Pay HERE

Connecting with Crystals


Includes crystal therapy techniques for humans, plants and animals. Creating crystal grids and room grids. Working with Reiki using crystals. Interacting with clients. Choosing, cleansing and charging your crystals. Identifying and understanding how to use them. Crystals for manifestation. Much more!

Sunday, October 4 @ Noon $45 Pay HERE

Journey to the Upper World


In this Earth Cycles class, we will experience a guided Journey to the Upper World to consult with spirit guides, angels and discover our soul's purpose and answer other questions about our spiritual purpose.

Zoom event. Zoom instructions will be emailed to paid participants 1/2 hour prior to class

October 18 @ Noon.  $35, pay HERE. 

Tarot Secrets - Three Part Workshop -- Zoom Conference

This workshop will be great! Lady Brenda and Georgia (Ravenhawk) will teach you to read Tarot; in fact we will be doing readings for each other by the end of the workshop. We will cover all the aspects of reading the mystical Tarot and focus on developing your intuition so that you can do effective readings for yourself and your friends. If any of you wish to become professional Tarot readers, we will teach you how to do that too!

You will need a deck of Rider Waite Tarot cards. A copy of our book, Tarot Secrets is also recommended. Purchase on Amazon Also available at Return to Wholeness Unique Boutique. Please also bring a pen and journal.

Sunday, October 25, @ noon $99 pay HERE













Spirits Night Out 

Last year's Halloween Spirits Night Out was incredible and some really amazing stuff happened!

Join us again this fall with Lady Brenda and Georgia. Experience an unforgettable Spirit Circle on the day of the Dead when the veils between the worlds are thin and the spirits of our dear departed come through to speak to us again.

The Spirit Circle will be led by Psychic Medium Lady Brenda who will impart messages from the other side. Everyone will get a message!

Bring a picture of a deceased loved one or ancestor.

$25 per person at the link below under "Events.". Your ticket must be purchased prior to the event to hold your spot. NO REFUNDS as these events sell out. Replying "interested" will not hold your spot.

Cost, $25 Prepaid

November 1, 2020, Zoom conference. @ 6:30 PM Pay HERE.  NON-REFUNDABLE



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