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All events at Return to Wholeness, LLC, 13514 Pomerado Road, Poway, CA***

unless otherwise indicated. 


Classes and events are NON-REFUNDABLE but some

may be applied to future events. 

Please do not pay for classes on Facebook. 

Please give 24 hour notice if you have to cancel an appointment.  You may reschedule once and after that you forfeit your payment.  



I am slowly starting to schedule in person events and readings.  Covid precautions apply.  Please contact me for more information...

I will email Zoom Instructions to all paid participants 15 minutes before class.

I also will record the classes upon request if you can't attend or wish to join in again. 

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Online Reiki Circle

Join us for our monthly online Reiki Circle.  Includes a healing meditation, group healing, distance healing and some great spiritual community!  Free.

Online until further notice. Zoom conference.  Contact Heather Cherry for more information.




Astrology 101 PART 3

Join us for this three part class in Astrology basics...planets, signs and houses and how to read a chart. It will be based on your own chart. Provide your birth date, time and place at least a week before class.

Zoom event. Link will be emailed 15 minutes before class to paid participants.

May 8 @ 12 Noon.  $45, pay HERE


All Things Strange and Curious


Join us monthly for a chat about All Things Strange and Curious: Angels, Ghosts, Aliens, etc. This is not a class and everyone is invited to participate in the discussion. Free.

Zoom event.  Please ensure that I have your email address.

I want to keep this small so if you would like to go, send me an email.  Also we can decide how this will best serve all the participants when we get together.

May 15 @ noon.  FREE

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Usui Reiki 1 Class


You will learn everything you need to know to give Reiki to yourself, family and friends! Take charge of your own healing! Reiki is invaluable for helping to mitigate pain and stress and helping your body to heal.

I’ve been attuning Reiki students since 1997 and and taught hundreds of classes! You will leave confident and well educated. And I’m always available to answer your questions.

This class will be held outdoors at Return to Wholeness in Poway.  It will also be broadcast as a Zoom event. 

Link will be provided to all paid participants 15 minutes prior to class.

Included in class fee are my Reiki book (Reiki, Crystals and Chakras), instruction, attunement and certificate.

May 10 @ noon, $100, payable HERE.


Twin Flames and Soulmates



A class that will help you understand the concept of twin flames and soul mates. What it truly is, and how to navigate this sometimes difficult relationship or the circumstances surrounding it. If you've ever encountered your soul mate, this is the class for you.

$50 Payable on my website,

Zoom event, link will be emailed to paid participants about 15 minutes before class.

*The Astrology of soul mates will be covered in the Astrology series.

June 6 @ noon.



Discover Your Soul Purpose


Ever wonder why you are here? What your soul needs to be fulfilled? What you should be doing?

This workshop utilized Astrology and guided meditation to the Akashic Records to give you answers from your higher self, angels and guides.

Please provide your birth date, time and place from your birth certificate with payment at least one week prior to class.


May 23 @ noon. $50 Pay HERE

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The Power of Protection

With Lady Brenda and Georgia.

The universe is full of positive and negative energies. Learn how to harness these universal energies to protect yourself form negative forces. Protect your house, yourself and loved ones. Excellent choice for empaths, healers, and anyone who works with the public or needs protection.

Learn to work with the moon to banish and send back negativity and to perform a protection spell.


Included in the class will be;

Protection meditations
Guides and angels
Crystals and crystal grids
Protection spells
Wards, charms and amulets
Protection herbs and oils
Candle rituals for protection
Banishing and house blessings

June 13 @ Noon


Currently a Zoom event. Link will be emailed to all paid participants approximately 10 minutes before class.

$65, payable HERE

Chakra Therapist Certification - Available Online


Are your Chakras unbalanced? Are you fearful of change? Give your love too easily and get your heart broken? Need to open your heart? Fearful of rejection? Wracked with guilt? Learn how imbalances in your Chakras can affect your life, physically, emotionally and spiritually and how these imbalances eventually manifest as disease.

What is the purpose of a Chakra Therapy workshop?

1. To understand the fundamentals of the human Chakra system and utilize that knowledge in our Reiki healing practice.
2. To identify energy blockages, thought patterns and belief systems that challenge our physical, mental and spiritual health.
3. To learn meditations, journaling, physical exercises and energy healings that can facilitate our healing and growth.
5. Finally, to get on the road to integration of body, mind, spirit and universe and increase our ability to function effectively on this planet and to give service to our fellow human beings.

True health comes from having a balanced Chakra system. Effectively, this calls on us to be able to walk effectively in both the spiritual world and the physical world.

This will include Chakras 1-7, plus the Earth Star Chakra and the Soul Star Chakra emailed weekly. 

Includes handouts, one Zoom consultation with Georgia and certification for a Chakra Therapist upon completion. 

  Pay HERE


  Tarot, Astrology & 

      Metaphysical Classes