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Reiki is a form of energy healing.  The practitioner is able to move life force energy (ki) through his or her body and direct it to the client. This energy is stress and pain relieving and facilitates healing of body, mind and spirit. Reiki is currently being utilized in hospitals and clinics and even the Veteran's Administration!  Anyone can learn Reiki, even children.  


Georgia Vlahos has been a Reiki Master Teacher since 1997 and has taught hundreds of students from 4 years old to 80 years old and from all walks of life. Her lineage goes back to Dr. Usui, and she learned from real people, not a video.


Learning Reiki can Transform Your Life. Whether you are a complete beginner or wish to become a Reiki Master Teacher, there is a class for you!  

She offers Reiki Classes, Level 1, 2 and Reiki Master Practitioner and Master Teacher in person only. All classes include complete instruction, attunement, symbols as indicated, handouts and certificate.  Reiki III, Master level includes 2 months of mentoring for Master Practitioner and 3 months of mentoring for Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki Master Teacher includes setting up a Reiki business as well as teaching classes and passing attunements.  Al Reiki students receive a free copy of Georgia's book, Reiki, Crystals and Chakras.  She is always available to current and former students to answer questions.  


When you take any one of her classes, you will leave confident and  proficient in the subject. 


Reiki classes can be tailored to animal healing for those who wish to specialize. You will learn special techniques to use in working with large and small animals. Special Animal Healing classes may be offered. 


If you would like to receive Reiki or practice your healing skills, come to one of Georgia's Reiki Circles/Shares at  Return to Wholeness, LLC,  Poway, CA  every month. 

All Reiki classes include complete instruction, handouts, attunement and certificate.  Practice in Georgia's monthly Reiki Circle. Mentoring provided by Georgia and her advanced Reiki students. You must be pre-approved for the classes.  Send an email for more information. 


Georgia is available to answer your questions and concerns via email at all times. 

Reiki, Level I $125 in person; $75 Online

In the Reiki I class you will learn Reiki History, The Reiki Principles,  how to do a treatment for yourself and friends and family, the fundamentals of the human (or animal) chakra system, and more.  Includes Georgia's book, Reiki, Crystals and Chakras.


Reiki, Level II $150 in person  (Pre-requisite Reiki 1); $75 online


Reiki Level 2 introduces the first three original Usui  symbols as written by Mrs. Takata, who brought Reiki to the West.  It includes the fundamentals of distance and mental/emotional healing.  You will learn to create your own Reiki altar, create a room grid using the symbols and learn the basics of crystal healing and chakra balancing. 

Advanced Reiki Training $350  (Pre-requisite Reiki 1 and 2); $250 online

ART includes the Usui Master symbol, plus advanced healing techniques and is a two month mentoring with Georgia.  Includes a free copy of Reiki, Crystals and Chakras by Georgia Vlahos. 

Reiki Master Teacher  $550 (prerequisite, Advanced Reiki Training with me, in person only)

RMT is a three month personal mentoring with Georgia. You will learn the fundamentals of Chakra Therapy, passing an attunement, teaching classes and starting a Reiki business.  Georgia can help you create a website and online social media presence (extra).  This class includes materials for your own classes.  You will finish a competent, well educated and experienced Reiki Master Teacher. ​ 

One hour Reiki Session with Crystal therapy, Chakra Balancing and Aromatherapy (optional) $75.





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